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The El Nino draw is the little brother to the El Gordo draw and takes place in January, two weeks after El Gordo.  The Christmas El Gordo draw (The Fat One) is the most famous draw in the world.  It has been operated in Spain for nearly 200 years and takes place a few days before Christmas.  It is followed on 6th January by the El Nino draw (The Little One), but don’t be misled, it too has a massive prize fund.  Both are run by the Spanish government in Madrid, with much security to ensure that it is fair and completely trusted.


The prize fund for El Nino in 2012 is estimated to be a staggering €840,000,000that’s £700 million, US$1 billion, AUS$1 billion and R10 billion – an absolute fortune, whichever way you look at it!


The next draw will take place on 6th January 2013, when fortunes will be made.  And it is tax free, paid in a single lump sum!


In the last draw on 6th January, over €800 million was paid out!


This is how it works:


El Nino operates very similarly to its big brother El Gordo, but with reduced prizes.


A full El Nino ticket (known as a billete) is a sheet of ten smaller tickets (known as decimos), all with the same ticket number.  The decimos are typically separated and sold individually, as players prefer to spread their chances of winning over more than one number, and so buy individual decimos.  This is what we believe at and so we sell individual decimos rather than complete sheets.


When a player buys one of the decimos they will win one-tenth of the prize for that sheet.  The rest of the prize for that sheet would go to those who purchased other decimos with the same ticket number.


When it is time for the draw, all of the possible winning numbers, in the form of thousands of small numbered wooden balls, are placed in a large round drum.  A second drum contains wooden balls, representing all of the available prizes.


The draw is performed by two children, one taking a ball from the lottery number drum and the other taking a ball from the prize drum.  The two are read out together and the owners of that lottery number win the prize drawn out with it.  This is repeated until all prizes have been won.  With a huge number of prizes to be won, the draw takes over an hour to complete!


How can I buy tickets and share some of these millions?


Tickets for the 2013 El Nino are now on sale in Spain and has already purchased batches of them to sell to our players. We have entered them into our website and locked the original tickets away for safe keeping.


After the draw, we will collect all winnings and credit them to player accounts in the usual way.  Then you may request payment, which can be made to an account of your choice, anywhere in the world.


If you are already registered with UKLottery or you will be able to buy your tickets from the selection on the home page, as described below.  If you are a new player, you can register by clicking Register here or ‘REGISTER’ in the right-hand column on the home page.


Once you are registered you will be able to fund your account and use these funds for purchasing ticket for any of our draws.  Your chances of winning a large fortune could be just a few clicks away!


To register your credit/debit card, click on 'Load Credit Card' and fill in the necessary details. (You can load as many cards as you like, and this is a one off process!).  You can then fund your Player Account by clicking on 'Fund Account'.  You will find these options on the left hand Player Menu after you have logged in.  If you don't have a Credit/Debit Card please Contact Us and we will tell you about our other options for funding your Player Account, including bank deposits and MoneyBookers.


With funds in your account you are ready to select those potentially life-changing tickets.


To purchase El Nino tickets go to the Play panel on the home page, look at the available tickets and select the ones that you would like to buy.  If you would prefer a different selection, press the ‘Randomise’ button and different tickets will be displayed.  When you have selected your tickets, press the ‘Purchase’ button and those tickets will be yours!  We will send you an email confirming your ticket selection.


Please note that the tickets displayed are decimos, which are one-tenth of a complete ticket sheet, so there will be other decimos with the same number.

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